Welcome to our site! We have been offering custom airbrush since 1975. If you need something done we try and keep our prices reasonable on an individual basis call or write for a Quote or to set up a meeting. From automotive tags to Wall murals please enjoy our website. sorry about the quality of the pictures as I am an artist and no photographer whatsoever 🙂 Thank You 


We use DuPont paint and  primers in all of our automotive work which includes cars ,trucks, boats and airboat rudders. Basic cost for rudder art is 750 dollars for design and artwork per set. This is on a pre-painted surface. If you would like to have the entire rudders painted by us then we charge to prep, sand, prime, and paint the rudders which adds to the cost of the finished product. Basic design and actual artwork varies as to the complexity of the Art involved.


My name is Buster Stratton and I have been airbrushing since the mid seventies. I do custom airbrush work on automotive surfaces, airboat rudders, canvas, Baseball helmets, motorhomes, aircraft nose art and much more at a reasonable cost to my clients.

Motor home prices are totally dependant on the complexity of the art work to be done and are painted at our residence in anthony florida unless other arrangements have been made. We suggest you find a paint shop near you that is reputable for us to work with so when finished the artwork can be cleared in a booth so contaminates never enter the final product.



Tailgate art starts at $500 and then advances depending on the complexity of the art.



24 hour answering service please leave a message and we will call you back 352 690-3999

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